South Carolina Jeters

We are the descendants of James and Mary Crosby Jeter

Brief History of the Jeter Family

The Jeter family is of the french origin. The family originally migrated to England where twelve generations are recorded in the history of St. Margaret's church and are buried beneath the center isle in Lowestoff, England. One of the last records of the family at St. Margaret's is of John Jeter in the early 1700's. Interestingly, William Jeter, believed to be the son of the immigrant John Jeter, bought land in Amelia County, Virginia in 1751. John married Margaret Vaughan of Caroline County in 1741. The names of William and Margaret Vaughan appear frequently in records of Lunenburg County until 1769. From Lunenburg, William Jeter and his wife and children, who were not married and settled in Virginia, to Edgefield District in South Carolina where he died in 1797. Our Kin, a book published containing the history of our kin, indicates that Willam prospered greatly, owned much land and many slaves and a large sum of gold. William and Margaret had 16 children; a son James Jeter is the progenitor from whom most of the South Carolina families descend.

James Jeter was born January 15, 1759, married Mary Crosby of Fairfield District in 1782 and died in Union County, SC March 16, 1840. He is buried in the center of the Jeter Cemetery next to his wife. James and Mary Crosby Jeter had 12 children. Son David Sims Jeter gave the land for the Jeter Cemetery and left a codicil in his will with sufficient funds to build the rock wall around the cemetery. 

The Jeter families prospered in Union District (County). They were farmers but valued higher education and knowledge. Ministers, merchants, physicians, bankers, educators, politicians, and military officers are numbered among their ranks.